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Better Quality, Higher Yield

Through multiple field trials, our products have proven to help farmers grow stronger, healthier crops, with improved yield to stay competitive.

DK-20 Biostimulant

Using Agrimax’s proprietary fermentation process, our native soil bacteria in culture produce a complex composite of by-products. The result is a powerful biostimulant that acts as physiological triggers for plant growth and development. Applied at the right timing and stage of development, DK-20 biostimulant consistently elicit positive responses in crops, resulting in better quality produce and higher yield. 

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Benefits of DK-20 Biostimulant include:

   •  Increases plant metabolic efficiency
   •  Improves cells and tissue development
   •  Better root growth and root mass development
   •  Enhanced shoot and bud development
   •  Higher seed germination rates
   •  Better chloroplast structures
   •  Higher photosynthetic output
   •  More efficient nutrient and water uptake
   •  Stronger stems and better foliar growth
   •  Tolerance to abiotic stresses 

DK-20 Liquid Fertiliser Additive

DK-20 liquid fertiliser additive is derived from the culture of Agrimax’s proprietary native soil bacteria and unique fermentation process. It is effective, safe, and ecologically friendly. This additive has the ability to produce a positive, homogeneous response in crops and significantly increases yield across a variety of crops.

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Benefits of DK-20 Liquid Fertiliser Additive include:

   •  Improves crop quality and output
   •  Longer stems on rose, orchid and peony during trials
   •  Better colour intensity and bigger flower heads 

DK-20 Trace Mineral Fertiliser

Derived from Agrimax’s proprietary fermentation process, DK-20 trace mineral fertiliser serves as an important supplement to the fertilisers used by farmers. The unique quality of DK-20 trace mineral fertiliser is in the composition of micronutrient present; which plays an important role in balanced crop nutrition and plant growth.

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Benefits of DK-20 Trace Mineral Fertiliser include:

   •  Improves yield
   •  Better developed root system
   •  Stronger stems
   •  Better leaf spread
   •  Higher chlorophyll content
   •  Increase in number of fruits per plant
   •  Higher fruit set
   •  Healthier fruit development 

DK-20 Biofertiliser

DK-20 biofertiliser, manufactured using Agrimax’s proprietary fermentation process, is a water-based biofertiliser. It is eco-friendly, entirely natural, and safe to use in conjunction with crop protection and fertiliser programs practised in different farms. DK-20 biofertiliser is effective across a variety of crops, and when applied using the recommended method and at the right time, it induces better quality crop, higher yield and notable return on investment for the farmer.

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Benefits of DK-20 Biofertiliser include:

   •  Improves plant cellular metabolism
   •  Improves development of plant vascular tissues
   •  More efficient water and nutrient uptake
   •  More efficient transportation in plants
   •  Better crop quality
   •  Higher yield