“ To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow”

Audrey Hepburn

Providing Sustainable Solutions to Farmers

With growing populations, climate change, pollution and increasing water scarcity, the world must grow more with less

Particularly in the agricultural sector, where the shrinking rural labour force, loss of land to development and increasing unpredictability of harvests, has created the challenge of devising more efficient production methods to meet the growing demand for food and biofuels.

Agrimax’s mission is to meet this challenge by developing products to reduce crop output gaps in a safe, sustainable manner.

Transforming Fundamental Science Into Effective Products

Agrimax’s range of products, trademarked under the brand DK-20, is developed using our proprietary fermentation process to improve quality and quantity of crop yield. For years, our products have helped growers all over the world, to sustainably maximise their available land and resources to produce resilient, high quality crops.


Using science, to benefit farmers, benefit nature, and benefit lives

What Makes DK-20 Different?

Manufactured in state-of-the-art bioreactors, DK-20 is a non-toxic, complex composite of by-products from the culture of Agrimax’s proprietary native soil bacteria. It is sterile as the proprietary native soil bacteria is completely removed at the end of the culture. Product consistency is ensured through precision in process controls and stringent end process quality control protocols.

Unlike traditional fertilizers, DK-20 stimulates the plants to maximise their innate potential. A technological revolution after fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds, it is an innovative, green, and highly effective product. DK-20’s unique composition effectively enhances plant growth and development, thereby substantially increasing agricultural yield.

Why DK-20?

Using DK-20, farmers have consistently grown healthier and more resilient crops, resulting in higher yield per crop cycle. DK-20 has proven to be effective across all crops (both food and ornamentals), seed and soil type, and geographical location. Across numerous field trials, it has consistently demonstrated the following benefits:

   •  Improvements in crop quality and seed germination rate
   •  Efficiency of nutrient uptake
   •  Improvements to plant growth and development
   •  Increased resistance to adverse environments
   •  Extended shelf life of post-harvest crops
DK-20 is all natural and does not contain any chemicals, having received the UK organic certification from OC&G. Its versatility and multifunctionality has made DK-20 a safe, eco-friendly answer to farmers’ need for a sustainable solution to stay competitive in the increasingly challenging agricultural sector.

How is DK-20 Applied?

DK-20 has been successfully trialled and can be used as a seed soak, foliar spray, root dip, and/or root drench, depending on the variety of crops grown. For certain crops, a combination of two different application methods can be used. DK-20 has also been certified for use in organic farming.

DK-20 does not exhibit antagonistic effect when used together with pesticides and fertiliser, rather, it alleviates phytotoxicity due to such products.

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Providing Optimal Benefits

Agrimax works closely with farmers in devising optimal DK-20 application programs, to maximise benefits, with minimal disruption to existing farm practices. DK-20’s recommended application timings and rates are scientifically determined to enhance the different growth stages of specific crops.

Customise a program for your crops.